Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship is non-profit, independent, neutral organization established in 1998. The aim of the Foundation is the improvement of social entrepreneurship and encouragement of social entrepreneurs as an important catalyst for social innovations and progress. The Foundation is under the legal supervision of Swiss Federal Government with the headqarters in Geneva. Schwab Foundation made the Director of Mozaik Foundation, Zoran Puljic, the Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 for the whole Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to this award, Mozaik Foundation has an access to all world’s economy forums throughout the whole world, and Zoran established Global Shaper Network in B&H.

More information at: www.schwabfound.org




European Venture Philanthropy Association is a network whose members are organizations practicing philanthropy and impact investments throughout the whole Europe. Established in 2004, EVPA’s goal is to be the centre and catalyst of the highest values of the network consisted of European social investors, venture philanthropy and private foundations who apply tools of venture philanthropy and social investments for social impact.
Currently, organization has more than 210 members from 29 countries, mostly Europe, but also from USA, Asia and Middle East. Mozaik Foundation is a full member of EVPAsince August2016. Thismembershipenables Mozaik to have approach toimpact investors and venture philanthropist who are in pursuit of good social businesses.

More information at: www.evpa.eu.com



European Foundation Centre (EFC)

European Foundation Centre is an international association of230 private and corporative foundations, established in 1989 in Brussels. Mozaik Foundation is a member of European Foundation Centresince 2005, and in 2016 Mozaik became a member of a Steering Board.

The aim of the Association is the improvement of foundation’s activities on a global level, with more narrow focus on development of philanthropy. EFC organises annual conferences with participation of more than 600 private foundations and corporate donors from the whole world. Mozaik,together with its MaŠta Agency,was a proud hosts of the Annual Assembly of Donors in Sarajevo, in May 2014.

More information at: www.efc.be




GEF is a subgroup of EFC, established in 1992 with the aim to gather private foundations and corporate philanthropists interested in region of Central and South-East Europe. Mozaik is member of GEG Steering Board since 2006.

GEF organises annual conference with 150 participants, and one such conference was held in 2012 in Sarajevo, and in 2013 in Belgrade, in the organisation of SIGN Network, whose proud member is Mozaik.

More information at: www.gef.efc.be




Together with other foundations from the region, in 2009 Mozaik established SIGN Network (Southeast European Indigenous Grant makers Network) with the aim to promote civil society, development of communities, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and inter-sectoral partnership.

SIGN Network has six members from the region – TragFoundation from Serbia, Horus fromMacedonia, MozaikFoundationfrom Bosniaand Herzegovina, Active Citizens Fund from Monte Negro, Forum for Civic Initiatives from Kosovo and The National Foundation for Civil Society Development from Croatia.

For more information click the link SIGN



YouthBank International

YouthBank International is a network of associations who implement YouthBanks programme in their countries. The network was developed with the aim to create a global platform for young persons who like to redesign their environment in a way to motivate other young people and actively participate in decision-making processes, as well as in the implementation of activities. Mozaik Foundation is a member of this network, together with other 28 countries, which provide support to 203 YouthBanks.

More information at: www.youthbankinternational.org




In 2002, Mozaik Foundation initiated development of external consultants’ network, with the aim to improve and promoteEMI (Education – Mobilization – Impact) methodology for community development.

Through regular trainings, thematic annual assemblies and learning through the practical work, the Network continuously develops with its members working together and passing experiences from their organizations and participating in further development of EMI methodology.

More information at: www.zaz.ba



Mreža za izgradnju mira

Network for Building Peace is the strongest civil society network organization in B&H, developed in February 2010 with the aim of reconstruction of the quality of social and economic life in B&H. The Network also work to increase the long-term ability of the entire B&H society to deal with diversities and conflicts in constructive and non-violent manner and, in such way, to create the framework for common, coordinated functioning of the whole array of non-governmental organizations, local governance and self-governance, business sector, media and state institutions.
The network gathers90 organizations, and Mozaik Foundation is a member of the Network from the beginning of its functioning.

More information at: www.mreza-mira.net




MOBA is the network of 31YouthBanksfrom the wholeBosnia and Herzegovina, supported by Mozaik Foundation, partners’ municipalities and donors. The Network has laid the foundation of cooperation between young people from our communities, with the aim of creating friendships and achieving of common goals, dreams and visions. The goal of the Network of YouthBanks is to create conditions for every young person to have a chance to actively participate in the development of their communities and achieve their full potentials.