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Our Capacity and Know-How

At Mozaik Foundation we built productive partnerships with governments of Switzerland, Sweden, USA, as well as with several private partners in Europe and the US. Our administrative excellence, transparency and innovation makes us one of the most desirable partners to work with in BiH.

Through Startup Studio, we have built a strong infrastructure and human resources that aim to help young people start and run their startup businesses successfully. The support network includes a dozen motivated full-time employees, paid external mentors on specific topics as needed, legal department, accounting agency, sales team, virtual and physical premises for startup headquarters, access to loans and a network of volunteer mentors in partner companies in BiH and abroad.

The focus of our work is not just on finding talented young people with whom we can launch new businesses. Once a company is launched, all of the above resources are engaged to avoid or remove many legal, tax and administrative pitfalls in BiH, provide access to opportunities and markets, all with the aim that entrepreneurs can focus on a service or product, on long-term profitability.

More information about our offer in BiH can be found at

Within the Mozaik Foundation, we manage a small internal investment fund that has 1 million KM at its disposal per year, and which we use to invest in startup teams in the early stages of development. We are often co-founders of completely new startups. Our goal is to invest annually in min. 30 limited liability companies. Our share in these businesses is always a minority.

In addition, we support about 60 micro-businesses per year with grants (crafts in FBiH,  independent entrepreneurs in RS). See our Results for the most recent number of established microbusiness and LLCs.

As part of our strategy (Impact Management Matrix, Sustainability Result 2), we invest in socially responsible (impact) businesses, and in the long run we want to finance the further work of the Mozaik Foundation from the profit from ownership shares. That is why it is important for us that our investments are successful and profitable. The long-term sustainability and independence of our mission and our youth programs depend on this profitability

Our Ideal Co-Investment Partner

1. Do you see an opportunity to place new products or services on the domestic or foreign market?

2. Do you have a specific customer in mind and do you know him or her well?

3. Do you know what exactly that customer is looking for and what price will be competitive?

4. Are you ready to mentor a new business that we will start together?

5. Are you ready to invest your own money in this new business?

If you can answer positively to at least 3 of the 5 questions above, then you are potentially our ideal partner for investing in startup businesses in BiH. We are ready to consider options for cooperation and, if we agree, to engage our capacities and know-how in order to start a successful business in BiH together.


Contact us without obligation to try to find a suitable model of cooperation.

Zoran Puljić


Dženan Šarić

Program Director