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The program activities are organized according to the expected results of our Strategy and in accordance with our mission, which is:
(1) Identify, (2) Empower and (3) Invest in youth, future role-models.







As you can see from the visual above, (1) in we bring all youth and all youth opportunities to one place. In the (2) YouthBank (Omladinska banka) Program, we empower thousands of youth each year through community work. Finally, for those youth that want more, we created the (3) Startup Studio to provide grants and equity investments to youth impact entrepreneurs.
Finally, in we tell stories about youth that succeeded, despite the odds, and share these widely in order to motivate more youth to engage.

As visible on the visual above, works as an ecosystem where youth ideas meet resources and know-how coming from all 3 sectors.
In order to further develop this ecosystem, Mozaik started additional two activities. One of these programs is the Legal Framework for Philanthropy, which seeks to significantly improve the legal framework for philanthropic activities of individuals and business entities. The other is the Diaspora Community Program, which brings together and focuses on better utilization of opportunities for diaspora to invest into BiH.


There are so many untapped opportunities and resources all around us. To put them in the function of good, we started the community. We believe that with collective planning and acting through the community we can create new socio-economic value and numerous new opportunities for professional growth of young people.
Here we bring together tens of thousands of youth with ideas, knowledge, experience, money, networks, contacts, solutions, opportunities, and positive attitudes.
For young people, the community brings very concrete benefits. It:
• provides numerous and fair opportunities, regardless of ethnicity or social status;
• encourages professional and personal development of young people and encourages them to initiate and realize their philanthropic and/or entrepreneurial ideas;
• publishes free, educational content that improves the skills of young people;
• brings together human and financial resources, i.e. all opportunities for young people in one place;
• enables fast, fair and transparent way of application, selection, monitoring and evaluation of submitted ideas for projects and businesses;
• connects entrepreneurs and thus improves the business climate in the market.
In the, we have built a climate and culture which is intolerant to hate speech but promotes the values of community, entrepreneurship and collective impact.
To see the most accurate results of this program, visit the Results link.

The YouthBank (Omladinska banka) program was modeled on the Northern Ireland YouthBank. We launched it back in 2008 because we believe that young people are the present, not just the future of our country.
Through the implementation of projects worth up to KM 1,500 (€ 750) and concrete work on improving their communities, young people acquire leadership and practical skills while each step forward builds their self-confidence and enthusiasm for new work endeavors.
We established an ongoing relationship with over 300 youth, members of town and municipal YouthBank boards, who work as coaches and provide ongoing support to tens of thousands of other young people in the process of applying for and implementing projects and microbusiness. After submitted projects are checked against Mozaik’s basic requirements and published in the community, the community decides which projects will be funded by online voting. Neither Mozaik nor local officials have influence on the selection process. Project details are transparently published in the, including narrative and financial reports and photos before and after.
Click on the table on the right to see historic overview of the growth of YouthBank.
This highly transparent and most innovative youth program in the region works in partnerships with local towns and municipalities to empower thousands of volunteers each year. It represents a great start for any young person in her or his life, on their way to achieving their full potential in entrepreneurship or in life in general.
To see the most accurate results of this program, visit the Results link.

We believe that with the right support, young people can achieve profitable and socially responsible business results. That’s why we started the Startup Studio Program and created the safe environment that contains everything youth need for personal and business development.
Together with the YouthBank Program, the Startup Studio offers grants for new microbusinesses in the amount of up to KM 2,000 (€ 1,000 Euro). After registration, these businesses enjoy tailored support through training and technical support of our teams.
For those who have slightly larger or bolder ideas, Startup Studio offers equity investment options in the amount of up to KM 40,000 KM (€ 20,000) in cash and up to KM 10,000 KM (€ 5,000) for hire of external experts (e.g. certification, digital promotion, etc.). Through the process of co-creation and co-founding with Mozaik, startups become part of the family, which in turn provides them with an access to various partners, networks and markets. In parallel, they have at their disposal our internal teams, including free legal, marketing, sales, management, innovation, intellectual property and other assistance. In addition, startups co-founded with Mozaik have an option of registration at our address and the use of coworking services and the services of our digital and highly professional accounting agency, Studio Fin.
Like the other two programs, the Startup Studio has adapted to COVID times, and performs all operations via digital tools. If you want to visit us physically and get better acquainted with our offer, stop by for coffee in Sarajevo, Banja Luka or Bihać (addresses and Google locations can be found in the futter below).
Startup studio is the backbone of the sustainability strategy, which you can get acquainted with at the link Impact Management Matrix. To see the specific results of this program, visit the Results.
If you have a business idea, please for more information.

Legal Framework for Philanthropy


Mozaik Foundation, in partnership with Hastor Foundation, Mreža Mira and from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Trag & Catalyst foundations from Serbia, is implementing this 4-year initiative that works to improve legal and policy environment for community philanthropy and stimulate and enable growth of the giving ecosystem in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The initiative is implemented from 12.08.2020 until 11.08.2024 with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) BiH.

1. Improving cooperation between the public, private and civil sectors through the Philanthropic Forum, which is a platform for cooperation and development of the philanthropy ecosystem in BiH;
2. Improving the legal framework and creating a supportive environment for the development of philanthropy in local communities by participatory creation of proposals for changes in legal and fiscal legislation. This process will support advocacy activities to improve public policies in selected priority areas.

Representatives of the legislative and executive authorities at the local, entity and state levels; Directors and company representatives; Donors; Civil society organizations and networks of civil society organizations.

1. Established a strong and locally rooted platform for local philanthropy development – the Philanthropy Forum (Forum). The Forum will serve as an informal pillar to building and maintaining cross-sectoral relationships and as the cornerstone for sustainability of the activity and ongoing interventions in the giving ecosystem.
2. The cross-sectoral groups will have developed at least 6 joint proposals for legal, regulatory and policy changes through structured participatory processes that engage experts and use data to inform policy proposals and innovative advocacy to support policy decision-making and implementation.

The project will identify and present good practices and models that will be translated into concrete recommendations for the improvement of the legal framework, based on research, and in the direction of further development of the philanthropic environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Activities will be implemented through sectoral working groups that will bring together representatives of the business, civil and public sectors. Recommendations for changes to the law will be developed by thematic cross-sectoral working groups that will also conduct innovative advocacy campaigns.

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