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Impact Statement

As explained in Our Story, Mozaik Foundation underwent a difficult period of re-invention. It emerged again with an impact statement that guides all our work:

Between 2016 and 2026 Mozaik Foundation will lead the development of a new generation of entrepreneurial and innovative youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina – a value-driven force that creates new social and economic value, creates new jobs and serves as role model to other youth.

This promise, i.e. the Impact Statement, along with the vision, mission, and goals we list below, makes up a set of strategic statements that clearly and measurably mark the ten-year journey of Mozaik.

Below you can get acquainted with the complete ten-year Mozaik strategy on one A4 page, the Impact Management Matrix. In the recorded video, we will explain in detail the innovative logic behind the strategy, i.e. the Impact Management Matrix.

Mozaik Impact Management Matrix

Our 10-year plan is contained in the Impact Management Matrix you can download in Power Point format by clicking on the image below. We hope our work and transparency inspires you to innovate your own approaches to systemic change and measurable impact. If you find this helpful, please reference back to us. Thank you!

The logic behind the Impact Management Matrix

If you found our Matrix interesting, we invite you to watch the video in which we explain the innovative concept of “invisible line of managerial control” and how to “read” the Matrix.
At the end, we will share pros and cons of this approach, from our own experience to date.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region where the economy is sustainable, inclusive and rich in youth opportunities.


Mozaik Foundation identifies, empowers and invests in youth, future role-models.

Mission Results:



Result 1: Attract and identify responsible, ethical and positive youth.

KPI 1: 50.000 registered youth in Mozaik’s online community for philantropy and startup entrepreneurship.



Result 2: Mobilize and empower youth community leaders.

KPI: 5.000 Mozaik – supported community projects that increase youth awareness and commitment to social impact.



Result 3: Support, invest & promote responsible youth business leaders.

KPI: 500 new & socially responsible businesses incorporated/scaled and promoted in BiH.