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We envision a world where advanced technology propels us toward a brighter future. We are firm believers in the boundless potential of innovation, the key to putting advanced skills into practice, creating jobs of the future, and advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our unwavering commitment is driven by the profound belief that technology, encompassing AI, Robotics, and IoT, possesses the transformative power to shape a more sustainable, peaceful and inclusive world.

Our Path

We are on a relentless journey to seek out and invest in pioneering startups that are at the forefront of harnessing cutting-edge technologies for good. Through close collaboration with local and diaspora experts, we provide these startups with the vital resources they need—capital, strategic guidance, and access to an extensive network of clients and investors. Our ultimate mission is to ensure that each investment not only thrives but also contributes significantly to broader societal and economic goals.

With devoted support, we empower these startups to rise as trailblazers, boldly taking on real-world challenges. They stand as living proof of technology’s potential to drive positive transformation. This harmonizes seamlessly with Mozaik’s vision of an inclusive society that holds innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility as its guiding principles.


Through our dedicated efforts in identifying and nurturing innovative startups leveraging advanced technologies, we metamorphose them into trailblazers, addressing critical global challenges head-on. These startups don’t just make an impact; they become beacons of inspiration for society, illuminating the extraordinary potential of technology for the greater good.

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At Mozaik ESG Solutions, we believe that financial sustainability and positive social impact not only can coexist but are crucial for the future of jobs. Our vision is to lead companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina toward sustainable growth, where ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles are not just applied but become the cornerstone of their business philosophy. Our goal is to demonstrate that sustainability-focused business isn’t just beneficial for society and the environment; it’s also a path to long-term success and innovation.

Our Approach

Our focus is on companies that aspire to be leaders in implementing ESG principles and creating jobs of the future, guiding them toward differentiation and long-term competitiveness. We provide strategic direction and operational support, especially in the field of impact investing, by incorporating a holistic approach, which takes into account financial, social and environmental factors in order to create a comprehensive and sustainable investment strategy. Our unique focus includes recycling projects, social banking and investments aligned with sustainability. Our annual ESG conference isn’t just an event for exchanging ideas; it’s an incubator for collaboration, innovation, and practical solutions that can shape the future of business.


We invite you to join us on this transformative journey that redefines success and brings lasting change. With Mozaik ESG Solutions, your company won’t just be part of the change; you will be leaders in your sector, setting standards for sustainable and responsible business. Together, we create new opportunities and shape a brighter, sustainable future where innovation, responsibility, and sustainability are not just concepts but practices that define how we operate and contribute to the world around us.

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At Impact Agency Mašta, we are driven by a simple yet powerful idea: to be a catalyst for positive change in the development sector. Our purpose stems from a belief in the power of creativity and imagination, which can transform how messages of social development are conveyed. We are committed to using innovative campaigns and events as a means to promote organizations that make a real difference in society. This dedication guides us at every step – from concept to execution – with the aim of leaving a lasting impact and stimulating changes that are visible and measurable within the community.


Our expertise is not just a collection of knowledge and innovation; it is a symbiosis of boundless creativity and strategic thinking, enabling us to create campaigns and events that resonate and inspire. We pride ourselves on our ability to define key messages that mobilize communities and achieve measurable social impact. We work hand in hand with our partners, helping them to communicate their messages and objectives in the most effective way.


Impact Agency Mašta boasts an impressive track record, including campaigns that have influenced changes in legislation (e.g., the VAT Law campaign, “Nobody Hungry, Nobody Alone”), organizing international conferences, and partnerships with esteemed development organizations (e.g., annual conferences of the world’s largest association of private donors, EFC). We take special pride in the fact that 100% of our profits go directly toward supporting causes that change lives for the better. Our success is not just in the numbers; these are real changes that we achieve together, driving development agencies and society toward a sustainable and inclusive future.